We offer varied solutions to businesses to enable them build the edge they require to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

ICT Solutions

We undertake website designing, web application development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, e-mailers and live webcast leveraging the state-of-the-art technologies and deliver effective solutions that will help businesses boost productivity, streamline processes and enhance revenues substantially.

INVIS masters all aspects of custom web development. Our technology stack revolves around PHP frameworks Symfony, Sylius, and Magento and the latest frontend technologies, including Vue and React. To meet the product’s security, usability, and performance targets, our testing experts get involved in a project early on to establish a continuous design flow, mitigating risks of development and UI/UX-related errors.

Leveraging agile project management approach we use various tools and processes to ensure all stakeholders have a current and transparent overview throughout the project development.

We give you timely insight into task assessments, estimations, and work progress, conference calls or personal meetings to discuss project progress and resolve issues, periodical work progress reports, quality control and automatic testing, and code versioning and code reviews in accordance with the best practice. We know the best way to nourish a partnership is to deliver quality, on time and on budget.

Digital Marketing

At INVIS, we offer next-gen digital marketing services to help enterprises build deeper customer relationships by delivering personalized experiences. We assist the clients in developing a social media strategy after a thorough research and competitor analysis. Based on this strategy, we develop compelling content for the various social media platforms, design creatives and create visual stories.

To ensure that the message reaches the right audience, we do online marketing also.


Online Learning Platform

Geographical factors shall never again stop any person's desire to start or further their journey in Indian Classical Dance. Launched as a flagship project of INVIS to permanently preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of India, NatyaSutra has today become one of the most sought-after digital Indian dance learning platforms across the globe.

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