The sustainable living portfolio of INVIS focusses on popularising the organic way of living, preserving art and cultural heritage, promoting afforestation, and addressing climate change.



AyurSutra Pvt.Ltd., a subsidiary institution of INVIS, is an initiative to reintroduce the authentic tenets of Ayurveda to the world.

The Project aims to produce organic remedies without any compromise on the amount and quality of ingredients. The company will cultivate and nurture medicinal plant species on the verge of extinction, utilizing the knowledge of the Miyawaki method of Afforestation.

In addition, we will revitalize the market for natural herbs, streamlining the supply chain to avoid seasonal shortages.

Culture Shoppe Pvt. Ltd.

Culture Shoppe Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary institution of INVIS, strives for promoting sustainable living initiatives in India. A digital marketplace, Culture Shoppe facilitates access to a plethora of indigenous Indian curios, artefacts and organic products. Our platform aims to bridge the gap between traditional artisans and the urban consumer.

Our authentic goods carry the soul and touch of real Indian artisans. They are sourced from different regions via highly skilled craftsmen with eons of traditional expertise and know-how. We also seek to promote and preserve these indigenous skills and knowledge, by ensuring that their products are presented on a global platform.


NFT Machart

INVIS has forayed into a new business domain with NFT Machart, a highly-curated online platform where one can discover exclusive digital collectibles and their non-fungible tokens. Located in Kochi, NFT Machart is Invis Pvt Ltd’s entry into the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.